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Community Service

Community Service at The ROAD

The ROAD is a free drop-in and resource center for youth ages 15-22 in Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties. It is modeled after the TIP model (Transition to Independence Process) as a prevention program.

The ROAD offers community service for youth as a way to engage in pro-social activities. The activities consist of: applying for jobs, creating a resume, learning about nutrition and healthcare, researching career pathways or higher education options, engaging in positive conversations with peers, and participating in behavioral health groups such as Healthy Relationships or BrainWise. Youth are required to ensure the referring agency (court, probation, diversion) will accept community service hours completed at The ROAD.

Community Service During COVID-19 Remote Services

  • Youth may only complete a maximum of 20 hours of community service at The ROAD’s virtual drop-in.
  • All youth will be required to complete at least half of their assigned community service hours in groups and half in assignments and/or individual appointments.
    • This requirement is subject to change based on staff discretion.
    • Groups can be found on our “Monthly Activities Calendar” on the Home Page
    • To see the list of assignments that are available to choose from, visit (Only 2 of a youth’s total assignments may be from the Art category)
    • To schedule an individual appointment, please email [email protected] or call/text Elena or Jackie at the numbers provided below. (For more information on Individual Apts. head to the “Individual Appointments” tab under “Services”)
  • Before youth are able to complete any hours, youth are required to attend a Community Service Orientation on Zoom. Orientation dates can be found on The ROAD’s Calendar. To sign up for an orientation, youth must call or text one of the following ROAD staff members:
    • Elena: (720) 607-5782
    • Jackie: (720) 660-6495

Important Details

  • When signed on to Zoom, youth must be in a private location with their video on and showing their entire face.
  • Youth must be actively engaging through Zoom to earn community service hours.
    • Community service hours are granted based off of participation and engagement, not just attendance. If youth do not engage when they are present, hours will not be granted.
  • If youth need community service hours verified, 24 hour notice is required.
    • To request a formal community service verification letter, please email [email protected]