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Transition Services

Independent Living Skills: A course that aims to educate youth on what it means to be independent, and teaches them the skills involved with transitioning from a dependent living state, to an independent one.  The course incorprates topics such as, employment skills, money management, health and saftey, housing, etc. and involves student participation and hands on learning.  Each week an individual participates, they recieve an incentive.

Healthy Relationships: Healthy Relationships looks beyond just intimate relationships, and focuses on a broader sense of the term. Participants look not only at how to create and maintain a healthy intimate relationship, but how to do this with peers, family, and the world around them. Topics include: Dating and Consent, Social Media, GLBT, Prejudice, Self Care, Family, Drugs and Alcohol, and much more!

Brainwise: a proven, evidence based program for building critcal thinking skills and decision making skills in youth.

Drop-In Center: A safe place to come hang out, play games, and meet people. Open Monday through Thursday in the Brady High School’s cafeteria. Check out our monthly calendar for activities and times. You can stop in any day- no need to call ahead!

The ROAD Counseling: Therapy and counseling at no cost. Work individually with a therapist to meet mental health goals that are important to you personally. If you want to learn about anger management, you can do this with a ROAD therapist individually.

Job/Career Preparation Services: Presentations, individual help with resumes and job searches, mock interviews, and help with planning for higher education.

GED Preparation: For youth ages 17-25 who live in Jefferson County. Work at your own pace to prepare for each section of the GED.


Resource Assistance: Need help finding a resource in the Denver Metro Area? The ROAD can help connect you to what you need. We have information about medical services, food banks, housing assistance, shelters, and more! We also have, when available, boxes of food for unaccompanied youth (youth that do not live with family), hygiene products, and winter gloves and hats.