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The ROAD provides you with services to develop the skills necessary to positively transition to adulthood, avoid risky behavior, and achieve greater self-sufficiency.  All of the activities offered at The ROAD help you develop as a person and learn the skills to make it on your own.

Transition Services

Independent Living Skills: A course that aims to educate youth on what it means to be independent, and teaches them the skills involved with transitioning from a dependent living state, to an independent one.  The course incorprates topics such as, employment skills, money management, health and saftey, housing, etc. and involves student participation and hands …

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Many future US jobs will require higher levels of education. If you’re between the ages of 17-25, start by getting your GED through The ROAD.  Tutoring is free.  You MUST attend a GED Orientation to enroll. These are usually held Mondays at 10:00am. Check out our monthly calendar for times!

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